Smart Home Tech & Solar: Insight from’s Shawn Barry


In a recent episode of the NoMo Nation podcast, we had the pleasure of hosting Shawn Barry, VP of Strategic Sales at, a leader in home automation technology. The conversation delved into the intersection of smart home technology and the solar industrHeyy, providing valuable insights for those looking to harness the synergy between these two sectors.

Building a Strategic Partnership

Shawn highlighted the strategic partnership between and NOMO, aimed at enabling dealers to offer solar technology as an additional service. This partnership is not only beneficial for the growth of both companies but also addresses the recent shifts in the solar industry, emphasizing the importance of trust in customer relationships.

From Security to Smart Home Expansion

Shawn recounted his 12-year journey at, where he spearheaded the growth from 200,000 subscribers to over 9 million. His focus on vertical growth strategies led to the integration of smart home technology with solar, aiming to enhance offerings in the solar industry.

Customer Engagement and Data Analytics

Central to Shawn’s strategy is customer engagement, highlighted by the introduction of a solar project tracker on’s platforms. This feature keeps customers updated on their solar installation process, thereby improving engagement and reducing proposal attrition rates.

Solar Smarter Homes

Defining a ‘solar smarter home’ is key to’s strategy. The company has integrated solar inverter data from industry leaders like Enphase and SolarEdge into their app, aiming to further incorporate EV, battery storage, and demand response programs. This unified platform approach not only simplifies the homeowner’s experience but also opens doors to significant energy savings through data-driven insights.


The podcast wrapped up with Shawn expressing enthusiasm for defining smarter home solutions that integrate solar technology. His vision for a seamless, profitable partnership between the smart home and solar industries is not just a leap towards innovation but also a step toward a more sustainable future.

You can listen to the podcast here: