Illuminating Marketing Strategies for the Solar Industry


In a compelling episode of the NomoNation Podcast, host Anthony Ellsworth welcomed Summer Mulder, a marketing strategist with a flair for storytelling. Summer’s expertise, though broad, offers particularly relevant insights for the solar industry, emphasizing the need for connection and authenticity in an increasingly competitive market.

The Solar Twist in Summer’s Entrepreneurial Journey:

Summer began her entrepreneurial journey with a passion for storytelling, a skill she later realized was crucial in effective marketing. Her insights are particularly valuable for the solar industry, where differentiating one’s brand in a sea of similar offerings is a significant challenge. Summer’s experience in pioneering internet marketing techniques provides a blueprint for solar companies to stand out.

Evolving Marketing in the Solar Space:

Reflecting on the evolution of marketing over two decades, Summer underlines the constant need for emotional engagement in the solar sector. While marketing methods have evolved with technology, the essence of creating a connection with the audience remains unchanged. For solar companies, this means crafting messages that resonate not just with the features of solar panels but with the values and lifestyles of potential customers.

The Draw Shop’s Solar-Focused Strategy:

At The Draw Shop, Summer’s team initially gained fame for their whiteboard animation videos. But as the focus shifted to messaging, they discovered a niche in delivering compelling stories for solar businesses. Their approach goes beyond showcasing solar technology to narrating the impact of solar energy on lives and communities, tapping into the growing environmental consciousness of consumers.

Building Trust in the Solar Industry:

In a market flooded with technical jargon and aggressive sales tactics, Summer advises solar businesses to focus on building trust and authenticity. She suggests that the key is not just in the features of solar panels but in the stories of sustainability and energy independence that resonate with homeowners and businesses alike.

Solar Industry-Specific Advice:

For solar entrepreneurs, Summer recommends viewing every business experience as a learning opportunity. Whether it’s adapting to new marketing trends or navigating customer skepticism, every challenge in the solar field is a chance to grow. She also encourages investing in targeted coaching and networking within the solar industry to stay ahead of market trends.


Summer Mulder’s marketing insights are a beacon for solar companies navigating the complex landscape of consumer engagement. Her emphasis on emotional connection and storytelling is particularly pertinent in the solar industry, where the narrative isn’t just about selling a product but about being part of a sustainable future.