Embracing Entrepreneurship, Fatherhood, and Leadership


Welcome to the latest entry on our blog, where we delve into a conversation between Anthony Ellsworth, the host of the NomoNation podcast, and Jason Rodgers, an inspiring entrepreneur and co-founder of the Heare Brotherhood. This discussion not only sheds light on the entrepreneurial journey, but also explores the nuances of fatherhood and leadership.

The Entrepreneurial Spirit: From Family Inspiration to Business Success

Jason’s journey into entrepreneurship was kindled by the hardworking spirit of his family, particularly his grandmother, an immigrant from El Salvador. Her relentless drive and ability to create opportunities left a profound impact on Jason, instilling in him the virtues of hard work and the courage to lead and build.

His professional path meandered through various industries, from pest control sales during his college days to a successful stint in medical device sales and business development. Each step added layers to his entrepreneurial spirit, culminating in him co-founding his own medical billing company.

The Challenge of Balancing Business and Family

One of the central themes of Jason’s story is the balancing act between business pursuits and family life. As he navigated through his entrepreneurial journey, the strain on his personal life became evident. It led to a significant realization — the importance of prioritizing family and the need for self-forgiveness and forgiveness of others. This epiphany reshaped his approach to both business and personal life.

The Heare Brotherhood: A Quest for Mental Wellness

Jason’s involvement with the Heare Brotherhood, a rapidly growing men’s mental health group, marks a pivotal chapter in his life. The group’s focus on connection and mental well-being resonated with him, especially during a challenging phase of feeling alone in the entrepreneurial world. This venture not only offered him a support system but also a platform to help other men facing similar challenges.

Fresh Courage: A New Venture

In his quest to continue making an impact, Jason is launching “Fresh Courage with Jason Rogers,” a podcast aimed at highlighting stories of resilience and triumph. This project reflects his belief in the power of storytelling to inspire and motivate others.

Lessons Learned and Parting Wisdom

Jason’s journey is a testament to the learning process of entrepreneurship. His experiences have taught him the value of staying humble yet hungry, and the importance of embracing both success and failure. He advocates for taking risks, stepping out of comfort zones, and believes that true growth lies in these challenges.


Jason Rodgers’ story is more than just an entrepreneurial success tale. It’s a narrative about the evolution of a person who has learned the importance of balance, the power of connection, and the impact of purpose-driven work. His journey offers valuable insights for anyone navigating the complex paths of entrepreneurship, fatherhood, and leadership.

This blog post is inspired by the conversation between Anthony Ellsworth and Jason Rodgers on the NOMO Nation podcast. For more enriching discussions and insights, stay tuned to our blog.

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