Built by sales people for sales people

Introducing Nomo, the all-in-one platform with everything—yes everything—your team needs to succeed from lead to close.  With best-in-class tools and support from industry pros at every step of the way, we’re built to help you thrive. 

Great Tools

Door knocking and virtual sales tools for any device, plus tools for robust team and territory management.

Great Installs

Leading network of strong installers delivering near nationwide coverage for the best customers experience.

Great Support

Seasoned pros from sales, technology, marketing and business management here to help you at every step.

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Your Solar Business in a Box


How it works

Nomo integrates the entire solar sales process from lead to PTO in one easy to use, highly efficient tool set, which lets your team work smarter, not harder, every day. 


Prefer to use existing tools that work for your team? 

Our Services

Built to help you succeed

Nomo’s best in class technology platform is architected to help you scale. We’ve sold solar and we’ve managed solar sales teams so we know what is needed to help your team deliver its best for you, every day.  And that means No Missed Opportunity for your business. 

Integrated Lead Management

High quality leads from our exclusive partnerships, easy integration with existing apps, and powerful workflows driving customer engagement at every step.

Team Management

5 minute rep on-boarding, instant swag ordering, robust territory management, motivating leaderboards, and complete training get your team moving fast.

Nationwide Coverage 

A large—and growing—set of installation partners means that we can fulfill your sales in every state where solar makes sense for consumers and deliver industry-leading 25 year warranties.

AI-Powered Platform 

With an AI-powered platform you get better prospect qualification, appointment warming, lead nurturing and referrals for improved sales efficiency and higher close rates.


Tools for solar sales domination.

Prospect, by Nomo 

Accessible via phone, tablet, and even Apple Watch, Prospect by Nomo gives your sales team everything they need for success. 

Nomo CRM 

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Nomo works with lead partners from across the country offering them rich commissions for high quality leads.